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43 year old father of 3 teenagers, live in Oak Lawn area of Dallas, Texas.  I love shooting for our GLBT community just as much as my regular corporate, events and wedding clients. I've had the opportunity to have two full pages (of editorial articles) in the local Dallas Voice newspaper over the last few years - one for my previous full-time employment with First Baptist Church of Dallas (5 years working in PR during the Criswell/OS Hawkins era) and the other with my legal Canadian gay marriage in 2004 (where I was the the legal "bride" on the form! So I may be the only legal "groom" with my now x-wife and legal "bride" you meet in your life?!  And unfortunately my dress was not Vera Wang nor glorious in any means at the wedding!

Searching for my name now plus Dallas Voice brings some more interesting contributions (See Yahoo Search - Google Search - Damon only Google Search - Blogger) - mostly from me.  One good thing about a name that is not everyday is it's easier to find out more about the person you may be searching for on the internet.  Good luck with "John Smith" or "Mary Jones" type of names!

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